Welcome to the WIGI Game Mentor Online Program!

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Program Overview

Women in Games International presents GameMentorOnline, the first-of-its-kind online mentoring program for the game industry. The program is designed to serve students and young professionals, men and women alike.
GameMentorOnline is a free service, open to mentors and protégés in all disciplines of games business and development. The program facilitates the mentoring relationship through key milestones to help protégés reach their professional goals.

To join as a protege the following criteria must be met:
  • Any level of experience in the video game industry (0 - 99 years)

  • Proven ability to commit to the program (college student, graduate, working professional)

  • Interest in video game development articulated well in the statement portion of the application  - must be beyond “I like games” or “I want to learn”

To join as a mentor the follow criteria must be met:
  • Must have a mimimum of three years expereince in the video game industry, in any role (programming, production, marketing, HR, law, operations, etc.)

  •  A desire to help others

  • Availability at least one hour a week for a six-month period



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